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If you want to get your business in front of a huge audience, boost your sales and gain a competitive advantage, our products are the right solution for you. Our products are designed to help you to run your business more efficiently and save money.

With our expertise in this area we help our clients to achieve their goals. The development team at KST has developed the Digital Transformation platform for our clients from various industries. The platform is used to update the existing software solutions and create new ones.

By using our own development platform, the team at KST can quickly and efficiently create powerful and high quality software applications for our clients..

Smart Water Utility Platform

We develop a platform for the smart water industry, which manages all the business processes of your water company.

DigiPDAM is a SaaS solution for water company industry. It provides full data transparency, enabling you to monitor and manage your business at any time. The system is consist of multiple modular application and platform, such as:

- Billing System
- Meter Validation Platform
- Meter Reading System
- Mobile Apps for User
- Website Info
- Smart Meter Platform

DigiPDAM provides benefit to your business, with major highlights:

- Dashboard visualization of Water Company business and KPI
- Operational Efficiency, easy reports generation (DRD, STS, LPP, etc)
- Single Source of Truth for Information and Database
- Monitoring and insight of Meter Reading Officer performance
- Improve user experience with Smart Meter & Apps for transparency
- and many more

As an experienced system integrator, we have strong expertise in the field of Water industry and we are always ready to help our customers. We are technologies that Digitalize your Business.

All in One Visualization Platform

Dashke is a software visualization platform that enables the combination of various data sources into a complete, overall picture of data and information relevant to your business.

The main purpose of Dashke is to help customers to open, analyze and visualize operational, real time data, financial and business information in a single place. In this way, you can easily monitor and get insight of your business, export or even share it to relevant parties.

Technology is a key to success, and Dashke has been developed with the help of the latest technologies to ensures quality of the system. Dashke is a complex system that enables you to easily integrate, analyze and visualize data of any kind.

Vessel Monitoring & Management

The challenge of digitalization is how to transform your industry, business or organisation, and how to get there in the best possible way. Systemizing vessel business isn't easy. But it's much more simple with Sekapal, as it helps you simplify your business, so you can focus on what matters.

It works as portal and single source of truth of your business process, documentation, monitoring and tracking of your vessels. It also visualize location of your vessels, weather surrounding it, and gives you base for decision support system.

Powerful products and services that help you build a competitive advantage by leveraging digitalization.

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